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Shamanic Soul Get-Away Retreat
August 25-27, 2006

Sweat Lodge ...we are building a Sweat lodge on Ava's property in the Land of Paradise and participating in a genuine Sweat lodge ceremony, smudging, fire keeping, and gathering of Grandfathers and more.

Guest Instructor - Kevin Yelich

Kevin is a teacher of Meditation and Massage Therapist.

He has successfully completed his five year Sundance ceremony. Three hundred Sweat Lodge ceremonies later, Kevin continues on his path… In the forest we are all connected… all things are.

Kevin has explored the Native American spirituality and found it so similar to what he had experienced on different continents, and available “right in our own forest”.

Dowsing – Treasure Hunt …for water, crystals and other hidden treasures. Let's play hide and seek with Mother Nature. You keep the treasures you find!

Power Animal Workshop …Meet one of your power animals or spirit guides

Connecting to the 4 Elements found on our unique planet:

  • Meditate and discover how Air, Fire, Water, and Earth interact to affect our physical manifestation on this plane.
  • Be connected with all the elements of nature and all the elements of yourself.

Pitch a tent, hook up your trailer or RV and relax. We will make use of the whole acreage, includes the hot tub, kitchen, fire pit and bbq’s and Angel Meadows (2 hole) Golf Course … Fun, fun, fun.

Prices include workshops, continental breakfast & all taxes. Registration is a must for this retreat, limited space available. All the details are in the brochure.