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David (The Oracle) Pilz

is an author and consultant, often being recognized as an expert in metaphysics and paranormal phenomena. As an instructor of national recognition he has moderated an international online discussion group (click here to subscribe) since 1996. He has also been recognized by many different Native communities, Spiritual Organizations, Fish and Wildlife, Holistic Systems and Cultures for his shamanic style work.


He is currently one of North Americas only recognized and scrutinized extreme paranormal investigators.

He still writes advice columns for many regional newspapers and magazines. Since his first radio interview in 1996, he has been frequently invited to co-host on many live call-in radio talk shows for local, provincial and national radio broadcasts throughout Canada, plus being featured in many national interviews and spotlights. He was using the name "The Oracle" as a nickname and later as a trade name for many years before The Matrix discovered it.

He has already appeared on numerous National TV broadcasts as host, co-host, or on screen talent He has spent the last four years in the aquisition of extreme video and audio archives to hopefully be used for a network television series, Currently we are in the production stages by creating video documentaries regarding mysterious paranormal investigations around the globe.

Successfully retrieved evidential footage while performing actual investigations with the OTTV crew, focusing sucessfully on extreme paranormal phenomena regarding UFO's, Sasquatch, Cadborosaurus, Haunted Houses/ Museums/Bakeries/ Theatres <Too many to mention individually>.

This footage has been used to produce/ develop a weekly television series, which features many of these extreme investigations. Ongoing investigations additionally involve the Sasquatch, Crop Circles, Haunted Institutes and Theatres , UFO's and alien culture.

He has joined forces with Ava Curtola RN to create EnergyWorkshops.com, an organization that provides holistic workshops, seminars, personal metaphysical training, retreats, and many other public and private events. Visit him at oraclevision.ca

David (The Oracle) Pilz is genuine.